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End of an era.Bye bye Sun.....
The old main server (the last Sun relic in our environment) was literally falling apart. It has been replaced with a power effecient laptop, upgraded with two SSDs and 8GB of RAM. Things should be more efficient, faster and stable now. The secondary server had also been replace with the same model laptop and configuration.

Sadly it took a while; but the IMAP issue has been resolved.

Shutdown the old Sun server today. We are completly over to the new server. Now with SMTP submission, Postfix, high tech spamfiltering, and everything up to date again. Only a small, and strange, issue with IMAP to smoothen out.

Moving servers again. This time not only the location, but we are also changing operating system. Yes, you read it correctly; we are leaving Solaris. It became more and more a pain to update; so time for something fresh and new. We are staying with "real" Unix though; FreeBSD. SAnd still on Sun (intel) hardware, as that was what I had laying around. Changing operating system also gives me the oppertunity to update all kinds of software, so stay tuned for more updates.

Both servers have been updated to Solaris 11.3. Updates of several applications will follow.

We have moved to a new back-up DNS and mail server. This one is virtualized and running Solaris 11.2. The old one will be shut down a the end of this month.

The server has been updated to the latest version of Solaris 11 (11.2). Additionally some minor configuration issues have been solved.

Due to a long lasting power failure in the area of our hosting provider the server has been down for a while. Due to the quality of Solaris 11 and the ZFS filesystem we have survived this without any data loss or corruption.

We are in the progress of migrating to a new server. If you read this, the webserver has been moved. The DNS server is also already done.

Both the login server as the webserver now have there own dedicated environment. Access to the old login server is closed. Access to the old webserver will be closed soon..

It's finally done. All sites have been migrated. If there are any problems, please let me know.

The first sites have been migrated. If you can't login anymore, try to login using your own domainname. Your site might have been migrated.

For the migrated domains, webmail can be used at https://artemis-dns.demeijer.com/.

The new hardware is finally installed, so we can start the migration. The DNS services are already running on the new system.

New hardware has been sitting in my livingroom for a while, waiting for rackspace in the datacenter, and a set of new IP adresses. But the good news is that the IP addresses have arrived. So I hope to get the new server cranking soon!

Most important new features to expect are an improved webmail interface, autenticated SMTP, secure POP and IMAP, and spam/virus filtering.

As many of you noticed, the server has been unreachable for quite a while. This was a problem with the connectivity towards the server and not with the server itself. Sadly, there was nothing more I could do then sit this out.

The good news is that I've been offered some very cool hardware with lots of storage. I do have to figure out were to host it, but if all goes well we can have quotas of 5 gigs (Gmail, eat my.....).

For the installation of the new server, I'm waiting for the next release of Solaris 10 with ZFS. I've already started to build the development system.

The Dutch Java User Group (NLJUG) kindly provided me with a new server. As soon as I find the time, I will start building a new system. It will be completely based on the Sun Java Enterprise System, and will provide new features as spam and virus filtering, self-care and a full blown webmail.

Yesterday afternoon the server went down because of a hardware failure. Sadly enough the failure couldn't be resolved earlier then this evening. The failure was due to the integrated UPS in the system. The UPS has been removed, and the server is now working correctly without the UPS.

No mail has been lost, as these have been picked up by the backup mailservers.

Sadly enough the acquisition of the new hardware failed, so I still don't have a testing server. However, we now do have webmail! Beta test it (at your own risk) at http://webmail.demeijer.com.

I've bought some new hardware (a Sun Netra T1 105 for the neat price of 160 euro), so I can finally start testing some portal software and webmail!

The relocation of the services has been succesfully completed. If you are having problems, please contact webmaster @ demeijer.com.

Tonight all the services will be migrated. Some services might be unreachable during the migration. Note that no mail or data will be lost.

deMeijer.com is moving to a much faster location. We are currently in the progress of migrating the service to a temporary system.

The relocation of the server is completed. Sadly, it is possible the some mail has been lost in the process due to a MX misconfiguration. Our apologies for the inconvenience. If you are having problems, please contact webmaster @ demeijer.com.

On Sunday July 14th in the afternoon, the server will be moved. All services will be offline for a few hours.

We are currently preparing the system for the relocation. Services can be temporarly offline.

Due to the end of the WarandeNet project I will loose my internet connection on the 15th of July. All services will be moved to a different location. You might experience some interruptions.

We are going to swap the systems tonight. We decided to stay with sendmail, and not to move to the iPlanet Messaging Server for now for various reasons.The Portal environment will be temporarily off-line, until final test are conducted. But because of the enhanced security and performance of the new system, we don't want to wait for the Portal tests to be finished.

Secure Shell daemons have been upgraded to support SSH-2, which is more secure then the old SSH-1. Place update to clients that support SSH-2. You can find them in the download area.

We are currently in the process of building the new system to replace the current. The plan is to switch before the end of this year. At the same moment, ftp will no longer be supported! You should use ssh/scp instead.
De old system is a Solaris 2.6 machine, with some old versions of serveral software. The new system will run Solaris 8 10/01, and will have up to date tools (elm, pine etc.). The current portal will be superceeded by iPlanet portal server. Majordomo will be exchanged for Mailman, and Sendmail for iPlanet messaging server.

The outside off the WarandeNet has been upgraded from 2Mbit to Gigabit! This also improves the reachability of deMeijer.com!